Resility Wireless EMG Biofeedback Sensor for iOS and Android

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EMG biofeedback is now available for the first time in an easy to use wireless home device.

– wireless electromyography (single channel sEMG biofeedback) with threshold alarm providing visual or auditory feedback
– for use with the Resility Personal Biofeedback System iOS app or Android app), which includes guided relaxation training exercises and muscle activity biofeedback with threshold alarm (audible or vibration) that can be set to alert you to increased muscle tension
– disposable adhesive electrodes
– rechargeable with 8 hour battery life

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Electromyography, or EMG biofeedback, is commonly used to treat headaches, back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, anxiety disorders, and for muscle retraining after injury. An electromyogram (EMG) sensor measures muscle activity and tension, and teaches you to relax or engage specific muscles at will using visual and auditory signals.

In the past, EMG biofeedback training required expensive equipment and had to be done in physical therapy or at a clinic, but now can be done at home using our affordable wireless EMG biofeedback device with your smartphone or tablet.

Our simple interface is easy to set up and use. Muscle activity is displayed in real time on our mobile app, and a threshold alarm can be set with an audible signal or vibration when the threshold is exceeded. More advanced users can save sessions and download detailed EMG data.

72 mm x 29 mm x 12 mm (2-3/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 7/16″)

25 g (0.9 oz)

What’s in the box
– Resility bluetooth EMG Muscle Activity Sensor
– Power charger
– Carry pouch
– 40 disposable adhesive electrodes (20 pairs)

Our EMG sensor works with our iOS & Android mobile apps


Try the Sensor Risk Free

Try our Muscle Activity Sensor for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. We also include a 1 year warranty.


Health Savings Accounts – in the USA, our EMG sensor is covered by most Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Our EMG sensor can be used on most surface muscles (see our guide to sensor placement here). To learn more about how to use our Muscle Activity Sensor, please see our Getting Started Guide.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in

3 reviews for Resility Wireless EMG Biofeedback Sensor for iOS and Android

  1. Shannon

    I started using this sensor along with the app to help decrease my stress and let me say it is so easy to use! I was a little worried at first with placing a sensor and making sure I had it in the right place but it was simple! I can honestly say this app has helped me decrease my stress in the time I have used it. I recommend for everyone dealing with stress!

  2. Shay

    This is a wonderful product! It’s very helpful in training my mind to relax the parts of my body that are constantly uptight from stress. The content is well researched and the prompts are straight forward and easy to follow.

  3. lidia

    Please, i would like to know if the app shows some unit of Hertz?

    • Sarah

      Hi Lidia, we do not show the units in microvolts on the app itself, however there is a way to log onto your account via a website where you can see more detailed versions of the graphs with the units, and we will soon be adding the ability to download the raw data which will give you the exact microvolt measurements. Please contact us at if you have further questions. Thank you.

      • Sarah

        Lidia, if you are using our EMG muscle activity monitor with our mobile app, you can now view your EMG data and download the raw data by logging in to your account on the web at Please let us know if you have further questions.

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