Resility Digital Coaching Program




Your 8-week Personalized Digital program includes:

Stress assessment 

Take our quick assessment to help us understand your needs and design a specific training program just for you.

Progress Tracking 

Each day, you will receive feedback on your progress. Things like completing new lessons, engaging in practice experiences and completing daily check-ins. This feedback has been proven to help increase engagement and heighten success.

Personalized Guided Meditations

You will be given 3 short audio exercises each week. These will guide you through simple, effective techniques to give your body mini-breaks from stress to allow your mind and body to recover and perform at their best. Access your training exercises on our mobile apps for convenience.

Daily Affirmations 

You can expect positive affirmations once a day as a way to motivate you, encourage positive changes in your life, and boost your self-esteem.

Practice Exercises 

Three times each week, we will send practice lessons that are designed to help take what you are learning and implement it in your everyday life. These will be simple, fun and easy to complete.

Daily Check-Ins with Journaling

Checking in is a valuable tool that is built into our app. You will check in once each day and it only takes a minute or two. Over time you will begin to include stress tracking as you journal through the check-in feature.

Support from our Expert Health Coaches

Our expert coaches are here to motivate you and keep you accountable. They help you apply the new skills you’re learning to situations in your own life and make small changes in your lifestyle that make a big difference. Coaches will be accessible by text support.

Anyone can learn positive coping strategies and healthy ways to handle stress

Learning to manage stress is a lot like dieting or getting fit. You need to figure out what program works best for you, from an often overwhelming number of options. Then you learn new skills and build healthy habits. To get lasting results, you need to make stress management a part of your lifestyle. We can help.


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