Self-Care Toolkit for Teens – Stress Management Gift Box


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Give the gift of relaxation! Just in time for the holidays, we’ve pulled together a toolbox full of goodies designed to melt your stress away. Pair the contents of our box with a set of our personalized stress management exercises to easily shift into a calm and relaxed state.

Our deluxe gift box includes:

Resility Stress survey – in order to kick start the process, complete our quick online stress survey to understand how your teen’s body responds to stress.

Personalized stress management program – we’ll use these stress survey responses to create a set of 20 curated lessons designed just for your teen. These short guided audio lessons provide your teen with proven techniques to manage stress and produce a sense of peace and wellness. Access your exercises using our convenient Resility Health mobile app (iOS and Android).

Finding Your Path: A Guide to Life & Happiness After School – this book by Amba Brown offers support and inspiration through the major transition from school to adulthood. A must for any teen that faces the many changes coming their way. 

Aromatherapy eye pillow – use our lavender-infused eye pillow while completing lessons. This will help teens connect the techniques they are learning with the relaxing scent. It can also be used to deepen relaxation and help them fall asleep more quickly. It can even be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. 

Aromatherapy roller ball – once they make the association between the lavender scent and feeling calmer, they will have this roller ball as another tool at their disposal. Either sniff or apply our 100% natural scented essential oil to bring about the relaxing feeling experienced when doing the exercises. Perfect for on the go to take a mini-break from stress. 

Pura Vida bracelet – this cool blue bracelet will serve as a visual trigger throughout the day. In the middle of a stressful situation, teens might not have time to stop and complete a lesson. But this popular style of bracelet will help remind them to breathe and relax throughout the day. 

Aromatherapy dough – helping keep teens stay on track throughout the day, our non-toxic playdough is a great fidget tool and opportunity to focus, relax, and stay grounded. Also infused with our lavender aromatherapy scent to bring about feelings of calm and relaxation. 

Empowerment cards – each of our 30 cards offers an affirmation that promotes a positive mindset along with a simple yoga pose. Pick a card each day, or follow the enclosed instructions for some fun and relaxing games. A simple tactic for teens after a stressful day. 

“Just Breathe” sticker – another way to stay focused on self-care – this removable vinyl sticker prompts your teen to focus on taking care of themselves throughout the day. It will help maintain that feeling of calm whenever it catches their eye. It is durable and water-resistant.

Our self-care toolkit for teens is a ready to use set of tools designed to empower your teen and help them implement simple and sustainable self-care practices into their everyday life. 

We all have stress – it’s part of life. It’s what we do with that stress that counts. 

Here’s the reality: We give our teens plenty of tools to help them succeed academically, in sports, and for their various activities. But how often do we give them the things they need to deal with all the stress they face?  

This holiday season, give your teen the gift of better emotional and physical health. Each piece of the toolkit will support their overall wellness – both physically and emotionally. Giving your teen an opportunity to learn these important skills can be a gift they enjoy for a lifetime. 

With our personalized digital program and a box full of goodies, the Self-Care Toolkit for Teens is a great gift to give this holiday season.


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